Join a Network to
Further the Profession

We learn better in circles than in rows

Let’s Make Sure We Understand A Bit About You

You are here because we think you are the bee’s knees, or the cat’s pajamas. From a work point of view, you are key to the profession. Your personal growth will have a multiplier impact on your company and society (because after all learning is a perfect good).

If we’ve understood correctly, you are a good candidate to join CLO Circles:

  • You are a learner, always looking for ways to do things better
  • You don’t have time for a lot of learning
  • It is up to you to get diverse people to work well together and to motivate them
  • You hire, you fire, you coach
  • It can be challenging to balance your life outside of work with your role at work
  • You think it would be helpful to connect with others that have experience with the same challenges

What Is A Circle?

A circle is a carefully matched and guided group of eight peers. Keep reading and we’ll tell you a bit about why so many leaders have peer groups. And we’ll explain how it works and what’s involved. Then the next step will be for you to take five minutes to apply so that we can try to match you with a diverse group of peers to form a circle.

How Do CLO Circles Work?

A circle is a group of people who are carefully matched to pursue shared goals. Each circle has a guide who shows you how to run a meeting, set goals and learn from each other. Eventually, they fade into the background as your group bonds.

  • Meet online once every two weeks for 60-90 minutes in the private video room
  • Learn some rules and norms that make the meetings both structured and impactful
  • Continue to connect in between meetings through a private online forum
  • Pursue a theme together like “growing a business”
  • Share and continually refine individual goals within the theme
  • Complete short online activities to build key skills for professional and personal learning
  • Maintain confidentiality to encourage deep conversations

What Will I Get Out of CLO Circles?

Here are a few likely outcomes:

  • Improved skill in leading the HR or Learning function
  • A personal advisory board of experienced peers who can help solve problems
  • New approaches to learning that will help you master other skills
  • A confidential forum to discuss issues you can’t comfortably share with colleagues or even family and friends
  • Positive peer pressure to help you follow through and complete goals
  • Access to diverse viewpoints on your most important challenges
  • Deep new relationships that will become important to your personal network
  • Improvement with storytelling, listening, feedback, learning, problem-solving, and other “soft” skills

Get Started

This costs nothing and it is a vendor-free zone! To get started, answer a few basic questions and we will get back to you as soon as we have matched you with a peer circle.